3D Printing Creation Software Market to Incur Rapid Extension During 2025; Top Key Players: Repetier, FreeCAD, SketchUP

3D Printing Creation Software Market Overview

3D printing i.e. Additive Manufacturing seems like it is a 21st-century concept, but it actually began three decades ago. It is a group of processes used to create a three-dimensional object where multiple layers of material are placed one on top of the other to create a physical object. It uses computer-aided design (CAD) to create almost any shape or geometry with digital data from 3D models or other electronic data sources like an Additive Manufacturing File (AMF). President Obama himself acknowledged its revolutionary potential in his 2013 State of the Union Address.

3D printing can have wide application in fields like aerospace, retail, medical devices, art, architecture, engineering, jewellery, product design, research and various other industries. But is there any way that 3D printed devices could exist without the help of the 3D Printing Creation Software Market? It is allowing general customers to print whatever they desire from the comfort of their own homes. The 3D Printing Creation Software Market has products ranging from simple to complex and can be used either on the PC, Macintosh, Linux, Web Browser, or even mobile operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Some of the basic ones aimed at beginners are free, while the professional grade ones can easily cost upwards of $500.

3D Printing Creation Software Market Drivers

Rising use of 3D models and the ability to create customised products anywhere and anytime are expected to be the biggest driver of the 3D printing and thereby 3D Printing Creation Software Market. In the short term, its biggest use is rapid prototyping of complex and customised low-volume goods. With the increase in printing speed, eliminations of object size restrictions, and favourable manufacturing economics, 3D printing will become increasingly important to average consumers in the days to come. The healthcare industry, in particular, is a focus area for it. The 3D Printing Creation Software Market can help patients print custom-fit hearing aids, orthopaedic implants like crowns, bridges and caps, make prosthetic limbs or personal hip/ knee replacements as per an individual’s specific needs. The 3D Printing Creation Software Market can also be utilised by schools and colleges to create 3D models of geographic regions, terrains, sculptures, or historical artefacts. This will improve the learning environment by spiking the student’s curiosity and also enable them to touch, feel and see a close replica of the actual object without harming the latter.

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3D Printing Creation Software Market Restraints

The three main challenges for the 3D Printing Creation Software Market are those faced by 3D printers themselves – cost, speed and limited materials. While the prices of 3D printers have surely come down since their invention thirty years ago, they still cost more than $1500 on average. This makes it a difficult investment for people in developing countries with a limited disposable income. 3D printing is a very slow process which takes several hours if not days to print. This makes it unsuitable for any industry like fashion where fast-following or quick fads are the norm. It is also only feasible on thermoplastics, metals, alloys and ceramics at present, limiting its potential greatly.

3D Printing Creation Software Market Key Regions

The largest 3D Printing Creation Software Market is the U.S due to an abundance of automobile, aerospace & defence, retail, and healthcare companies. Financial support from the government plays a major role too in the form of reimbursements. The Asian countries China and India are expected to take up 3D printing on a large scale in the next decade or so on account of favourable factors promoting it.

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3D Printing Creation Software Market Key Market Players 

Some of the 3D Printing Creation Software Market key market players are Cura, CraftWare, 123D Catch, TinkerCAD, 3DSlash, 3DTin, Sculptris, ViewSTL, Repetier, FreeCAD, SketchUP, Meshfix, Simplify3D, Blender, Slic3r, MeshLab, OctoPrint and Meshmixer

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